Photography course

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Photography course

The course is open to all photography enthusiasts, whether beginners or advanced. Topics covered during this course are varied, from how to use the camera, and parameters that influence the final image, study of photographic rules of composition, to taking different themed photographs (landscapes, portraits, events, macro-photography, etc.).

The course is divided into two parts, namely: a theoretical part where the students will be shown the basic theoretical aspects, and a practical part, where students will apply the previously learned concepts.

The practical activity takes place at the Educational Cultural Centre of Mioveni, and the practice will be held in various parts of the city and its surroundings.

Attendance is numerous, until now a total of over 30 participants have been enrolled, most are beginners.

 During 2014 we intend to make two different themed photographic exhibitions.

Owning a DSLR type camera is NOT a mandatory condition to attend this course.

The courses are free!

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