The Theater Club "Clubul VESELIEI" ( The Joy Club)

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Founded in October 2012, the theater group " The Joy Club" of Mioveni Cultural Center, guide Ionut Vlad, is the perfect place where children can showcase their talent and skills.Within the theatre group children are initiated into the theatrical art, pantomime, diction, socialization and communication.

Theatre courses are currently being followed by a total of 70 children aged between 4 and 18.

In only one year of activity,"The Joy Club" managed to achieve a remarkable number of awards, with numerous participations in festivals and competitions such as:

• The festival "Ludicus" Mioveni in 2013, where they won the first prize (Eliza Tudor monologue), the second prize (Barbu Andrew monologue);

• The Festival "Some Peasants" Văleni Olt 2013 the third place (sketch) and the second place (monologue);

• The Festival "Gone with the poetry" Pitesti;

• The Festival "Oltenia and the rest of the world" Olt Slatina, where he earned the Best Actor Award and the first prize Andrei Barbu Freshman Alexandra (Section jokes);

• Mioveni preschoolers Festival 2013, where they won the first place and the second place (spanking Caragiale);

"The Joy Club" also participated in TV shows of local stations and also in numerous shows organized by the Cultural Centre.

In the future the theater group will initiate students enrolled in panto-mime art and mime.

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